A Timeline of Women Artists

By Tim Lambert There were many famous women artists in history. Here are some of them. Women Artists in the Middle Ages Ende In the Middle Ages books were often beautifully decorated. This art was called illumination. Ende was a famous illuminator. Guda 12th century Guda was a famous book illuminator Herrad von Landsberg 12th… Continue reading A Timeline of Women Artists

A Timeline of Banbury

By Tim Lambert Early Banbury Early 12th Century The bishop of Lincoln builds a castle and turns Banbury into a town 1154 Banbury has an annual fair Early 13th Century Banbury has a population of about 1,300 Late 13th Century A new suburb is built at Newlands. Banbury is famous for its cloth. 1300 The… Continue reading A Timeline of Banbury

A Timeline of Australia

By Tim Lambert c. 40,000 BC Indigenous Australians arrive in Australia 1642 Abel Tasman discovers Tasmania 1688 William Dampier sails to Western Australia 1770 Captain Cook claims New South Wales for Britain 1787 A fleet of 11 ships sets sail from Portsmouth to Australia 1788 The first colony is founded in Australia 1790 A second… Continue reading A Timeline of Australia

A Timeline of Argentina

By Tim Lambert Early Argentina 1516 Juan de Solis reaches the River Plate 1526 Sebastian Cabot reaches the same area 1580 Buenos Aires is founded 1776 A Viceroy of the River Plate is founded with Buenos Aires as its capital 1806 The British capture Buenos Aires but soon withdraw 1810 The Viceroy is deposed and… Continue reading A Timeline of Argentina

A Timeline of Jamaica

By Tim Lambert Early Jamaica 800 AD A people called the Arawaks lived in Jamaica. They were stone age farmers. 1494 Christopher Columbus lands in Jamaica 1510 The first Spanish settlers arrive in Jamaica 1517 African slaves are imported into Jamaica 1534 The Spanish move to Villa de la Vega 1655 The English invade Jamaica… Continue reading A Timeline of Jamaica

A Timeline of Melbourne

By Tim Lambert 19th Century Melbourne 1835 The city of Melbourne is founded 1837 Williamstown is laid out 1842 St James Cathedral is built. Melbourne is incorporated. 1848 Melbourne Royal Hospital is founded 1851 Melbourne has a population of 29,000 1853 Melbourne University is founded 1854 A railway is built between Melbourne and Port Melbourne… Continue reading A Timeline of Melbourne

A Timeline of Portugal

By Tim Lambert 30,000 BC Stone Age hunters live in Portugal 5,000 BC Farming is introduced to Portugal 2,000 BC Bronze is introduced into Portugal 700 BC Celts enter Portugal bringing iron with them. Meanwhile, the Phoenicians trade with Portugal. 600 BC The Greeks trade with Portugal 210 BC The Romans invade the Iberian Peninsula… Continue reading A Timeline of Portugal

A Timeline of Spain

Ancient Spain 900 BC The Phoenicians trade with Spain 227 BC The Carthaginians from North Africa found Cartagena 218 BC The Romans send an army to Spain and they gradually drive out the Carthaginians 197 BC The Romans divide the Iberian Peninsula into 2 areas, Hispania Citerior and Hispania Ulterior 171-73 AD People from North… Continue reading A Timeline of Spain

A Timeline of Aylesbury

By Tim Lambert Early Aylesbury 11th Century Aylesbury is a busy little market town 13th Century Aylesbury has 2 annual fairs Late 14th Century Friars arrive in Aylesbury 1637 John Hampden MP becomes a hero when he refuses to pay Ship Money 1642 During the Civil War a battle is fought at Aylesbury 1700 A… Continue reading A Timeline of Aylesbury