A Timeline of Poole

By Tim Lambert Early Poole c. 1200 A new port is flourishing at Poole 1239 Poole is given a charter (a document granting the people certain rights) 1348 The Black Death reaches Poole 1377 The French burn part of Poole 1405 An army of Frenchmen and Spaniards attack Poole 1433 Poole is made a staple… Continue reading A Timeline of Poole

A Timeline of Latvia

By Tim Lambert 9000 BC Hunter-gatherers live in Latvia 2000 BC The ancestors of modern Latvians arrive 1201 AD German crusaders arrive in Latvia. They found Riga. 1282 Riga joins the Hanseatic League 1365 Valmiera joins the Hanseatic League 1521 The Reformation reaches Latvia 1558 The Russians invade Latvia 1561 The Poles take Southeast Latvia… Continue reading A Timeline of Latvia

A Timeline of Poland

By Tim Lambert 966 The ruler of Poland becomes a Christian and his people follow 1201-1238 Henry the Bearded rules Poland. His wife encourages German merchants and craftsmen to come and live in Poland 1241-42 The Mongols invade Poland but soon withdraw 1308 The Teutonic Knights take Pomerania including Gdansk 1333-70 Under Kazimierz the Great… Continue reading A Timeline of Poland

A Timeline of Hungary

By Tim Lambert Early Hungary 5,000 BC Farming is introduced into Hungary 2,000 BC Bronze is introduced into Hungary 800 BC Iron is introduced into Hungary 9 AD The Romans create the province of Pannonia in western Hungary Early 2nd Century The Romans conquer eastern Hungary. They call it Dacia. 271 The Romans abandon Dacia… Continue reading A Timeline of Hungary

A Timeline of Cirencester

By Tim Lambert Early Cirencester 1st Century AD The Romans build a fort at Cirencester and a civilian town grows up nearby 3rd Century Stone walls are built around Cirencester 5th Century Roman towns are abandoned 577 The Saxons capture Cirencester. Soon a little town grows up near the Roman remains. 1086 Cirencester is a… Continue reading A Timeline of Cirencester

A Timeline of France

By Tim Lambert Ancient France 6,000 BC Farming begins in France c. 4,500 BC Menhirs (standing stones are erected in France) 2,000 BC Bronze is used in France 900 BC Celtic people migrate to France 600 BC The Greeks found Marseilles 121 BC The Romans conquer Provence 58 BC Julius Caesar begins to conquer the… Continue reading A Timeline of France

A Timeline of Events at the Time of the Mary Rose

By Tim Lambert 1491 Henry VIII is born 1492 Columbus sails across the Atlantic 1495 Portsmouth Dockyard is founded 1498 The Portuguese reach India 1509 Work begins on building the Mary Rose Wallpaper is first printed in England 1510 The first Spanish settlers arrive in Jamaica 1511 The Mary Rose is launched The Portuguese reach… Continue reading A Timeline of Events at the Time of the Mary Rose

A Timeline of Russia

By Tim Lambert Early Russia 862 The Vikings capture Novgorod 882 The Vikings capture Kiev. The Vikings create the nation of Rus, which grows rich and powerful. 988 Prince Vladimir converts to Christianity 1054 Yaroslav the Wise dies and Rus breaks up 1237 The Mongols invade Russia 1240 The Mongols capture Kiev 1242 The Principality… Continue reading A Timeline of Russia

A Timeline of Swansea

By Tim Lambert Early Swansea c. 1000 The Vikings are believed to have built a fort at Swansea Early 12th Century The Normans conquer this part of Wales and they build a castle at Swansea. A town grows up in the shadow of the castle. 1158-84 At some point in this period Swansea is given… Continue reading A Timeline of Swansea