A Timeline of Limerick

By Tim Lambert Early Limerick 922 The Vikings found Limerick 1194 The English capture Limerick 1197 Limerick is given a charter 1200-1210 King John’s Castle is built 1642 An Irish army enters Limerick 1651 The English besiege Limerick 1691 Limerick is besieged again 1769 Limerick Customs House is built Modern Limerick 1803 The Old Town… Continue reading A Timeline of Limerick

A Timeline of Aylesbury

By Tim Lambert Early Aylesbury 11th Century Aylesbury is a busy little market town 13th Century Aylesbury has 2 annual fairs Late 14th Century Friars arrive in Aylesbury 1637 John Hampden MP becomes a hero when he refuses to pay Ship Money 1642 During the Civil War a battle is fought at Aylesbury 1700 A… Continue reading A Timeline of Aylesbury

A Timeline of Chester

By Tim Lambert 75 AD The Romans build a fort next to the River Dee. A civilian fort grows up outside the fort. 407 The Roman army leaves Britain and soon afterward Roman towns are abandoned 617 The Celts fight the Saxons at Chester. The Saxons then captured Chester. 893/94 An army of Danes winters… Continue reading A Timeline of Chester

A Timeline of Bulgaria

By Tim Lambert Early Bulgaria 400 BC The Thracians live in parts of Bulgaria 100 AD The Romans rule Bulgaria 395 Bulgaria becomes part of the Eastern Roman Empire when the empire splits in two c. 500 The Slavs settle in Bulgaria 680 The Bulgars invade Bulgaria 813 The Bulgars besiege Constantinople 846 The Bulgars… Continue reading A Timeline of Bulgaria

A Timeline of Brisbane

By Tim Lambert 19th Century Brisbane 1823 John Oxley sails to the area and names the River Brisbane after the Governor of New South Wales 1824 A prison colony is founded north of the river 1825 The prison is moved to the site of modern Brisbane 1828 The Old Windmill is built 1842 The region… Continue reading A Timeline of Brisbane

A Timeline of Taunton

By Tim Lambert Early Taunton 904 The little market town of Taunton is given a charter (a document granting the people certain rights) 1086 Taunton has a population of about 1,500. It has 3 watermills. 1111 Taunton suffers a severe fire but it is rebuilt C. 1125 A priory is built in Taunton 1138 The… Continue reading A Timeline of Taunton

A Timeline of Toilets

By Tim Lambert Early Toilets C 2,300 BC At Skara Brae in Scotland stone huts have drains with cubicles over them. They may have been toilets. C 2,000 BC In Northwest India and Pakistan, towns are built with networks of sewers. Toilets are flushed with water. C 1,800 BC On Crete some toilets are flushed… Continue reading A Timeline of Toilets

A Timeline of Trowbridge

By Tim Lambert Early Trowbridge 1086 Trowbridge is a little village with a population of about 120 1139 By now a castle exists at Trowbridge 1200 Trowbridge is allowed weekly markets and it soon grows into a busy little town. Trowbridge is also allowed annual fairs. 1540 Trowbridge is famous for its wool industry. John… Continue reading A Timeline of Trowbridge

A Timeline of Warrington

By Tim Lambert Early Warrington 1st Century The Romans build a settlement at Wilderpool 407 The Roman army leaves Britain and Roman towns are abandoned c. 1070 The Normans build a wooden fort at Warrington c. 1125 Warrington has grown into a little market town 1255 Warrington is granted the right to hold an annual… Continue reading A Timeline of Warrington

A Timeline of Zambia

By Tim Lambert Early Zambia 1st Century AD Bushmen live in Zambia 4th Century AD Bantu speaking immigrants arrive in Zambia 12 Century The Iron Age Luanga culture exists in Zambia 1500 Organised kingdoms arise in Zambia 1851 David Livingstone is the first European to reach Zambia 1889 Cecil Rhodes sets up the South African… Continue reading A Timeline of Zambia