Timeline of Alaska

By Tim Lambert In 2018 the population of Alaska was 739,000. c. 13,000 BC The first human beings arrive in Alaska 1741 Vitus Bering leads an expedition to Alaska 1772 The Russians make a settlement at Unalaska 1784 The Russians settle on Kodiak Island 1867 The USA purchases Alaska from Russia 1878 The first cannery… Continue reading Timeline of Alaska

A Timeline of Cambridge

By Tim Lambert 875 The Danes create a fortified settlement at Cambridge. In the 10th century, Cambridge is captured by the English. 1010 The Danes burn Cambridge. However, it is soon rebuilt. c. 1025 The Church of St Benet is built 1068 The Normans build a castle at Cambridge 1086 Cambridge has a population of about 2,000 c. 1107 The Round… Continue reading A Timeline of Cambridge

A Timeline of Norwich

By Tim Lambert 10th Century Norwich is a small town and inland port with its own mint 1004 The Danes sack and burn Norwich 1086 Norwich has a population of about 6,000 1094 The bishop moves his seat from Thetford to Norwich 1194 Norwich is given a charter (a document granting the people certain rights)… Continue reading A Timeline of Norwich

A Timeline of Petersfield

By Tim Lambert Early 12th Century The town of Petersfield is founded. The Earl of Gloucester starts a market by St Peter’s Church 1350 The main industry in Petersfield is wool. There is also a leather tanning industry. The little market town has a population of 600 or 700. 1600 The population of Petersfield rises… Continue reading A Timeline of Petersfield

A Timeline of Corporal Punishment

By Tim Lambert Corporal punishment was used for thousands of years but in recent decades public opinion has turned against it. Many countries have now banned corporal punishment. 1783 Poland becomes the first country to ban corporal punishment in schools 1820 In Britain whipping is banned for women 1845 Luxembourg bans corporal punishment in schools… Continue reading A Timeline of Corporal Punishment

A Timeline of Limerick

By Tim Lambert 922 The Vikings found Limerick 1194 The English capture Limerick 1197 Limerick is given a charter 1200-1210 King John’s Castle is built 1642 An Irish army enters Limerick 1651 The English besiege Limerick 1691 Limerick is besieged again 1769 Limerick Customs House is built 1803 The Old Town Hall is built 1811… Continue reading A Timeline of Limerick

A Timeline of Kings Lynn

By Tim Lambert 1101 The Bishop gives the people of King’s Lynn the right to hold weekly markets and annual fairs 1204 King John gives King’s Lynn a charter (a document granting the town certain rights) 1348 King’s Lynn is a large and important town with a population of 5,500-6,0000. Wool, grain, and salt are… Continue reading A Timeline of Kings Lynn

A Timeline of Peterborough

By Tim Lambert 972 The Saxons build an abbey on the site of the abbey. A village grows up nearby. c. 1000 A wall is built around the settlement and it becomes a small town St Peters Burgh 1070 During a rebellion against William the Conqueror Petersborough is burned 1116 Peterborough Abbey burns 1300 Longthorpe… Continue reading A Timeline of Peterborough

A Timeline of Aylesbury

By Tim Lambert 11th Century Aylesbury is a busy little market town 13th Century Aylesbury has 2 annual fairs Late 14th Century Friars arrive in Aylesbury 1637 John Hampden MP becomes a hero when he refuses to pay Ship Money 1642 During the Civil War a battle is fought at Aylesbury 1700 A lace-making industry… Continue reading A Timeline of Aylesbury

A Timeline of Warrington

By Tim Lambert 1st Century The Romans build a settlement at Wilderpool 407 The Roman army leaves Britain and Roman towns are abandoned c. 1070 The Normans build a wooden fort at Warrington c. 1125 Warrington has grown into a little market town 1255 Warrington is granted the right to hold an annual fair 1277… Continue reading A Timeline of Warrington