A Timeline of Oxford

By Tim Lambert Late 9th Century Alfred the Great creates a fortified settlement at Oxford 911 Oxford is first mentioned in writing. It is a small but flourishing market town. 1009 The Danes burn Oxford 1018 A conference is held at Oxford following a dispute over who is king of England 1072 The Normans build… Continue reading A Timeline of Oxford

A Timeline of Los Angeles

By Tim Lambert 1781 A settlement is founded in Los Angeles 1822 The Plaza Catholic Church is built 1848 Gold is discovered in California 1850 Los Angeles is incorporated 1851 Los Angeles gains its first newspaper 1861-62 Los Angeles suffers floods 1870 Los Angeles is a thriving town with a population of 5,614 1874 The… Continue reading A Timeline of Los Angeles

Timeline of Charleston, South Carolina

By Tim Lambert 1670 Charleston is founded c. 1713 Powder Magazine is built 1718 The pirate Blackbeard blockades Charleston 1742 Drayton Hall is built 1755 Middleton Place House is built 1761 St. Michael’s Episcopal Church is built 1770 The College of Charleston is founded 1771 The Old Exchange & Provost Dungeon is built 1772 Heyward-Washington… Continue reading Timeline of Charleston, South Carolina

A Timeline of Jamaica

By Tim Lambert 800 AD A people called the Arawaks lived in Jamaica. They were stone-age farmers. 1494 Christopher Columbus lands in Jamaica 1510 The first Spanish settlers arrive in Jamaica 1517 African slaves are imported into Jamaica 1534 The Spanish move to Villa de la Vega 1655 The English invade Jamaica 1660 Spanish resistance… Continue reading A Timeline of Jamaica

A Timeline of Scarborough

By Tim Lambert 370 The Romans built a signalling station at Scarborough 10th Century The Danes found a town at Scarborough 1066 The Norwegians burn Scarborough c 1136 A castle is built at Scarborough 1253 The people of Scarborough are granted the right to hold an annual fair 1348 Scarborough has a population of 2,000… Continue reading A Timeline of Scarborough

A Timeline of Nottingham

By Tim Lambert 6th Century The Saxons found a village at Nottingham Late 9th Century The Danes capture the North and East of England. They make Nottingham into a fortified settlement. 920 The English recapture Nottingham. It grows into a busy market town with its own mint. 1067 The Normans build a fort at Nottingham… Continue reading A Timeline of Nottingham

A Timeline of Chicago

By Tim Lambert 1673 Two Frenchmen reach the area 1779 Jean Baptiste Point du Sable builds a house in the area 1803 Fort Dearborn is built 1825 The Erie Canal opens 1837 The population of Chicago is 4,000. Chicago is made a city. 1848 The Illinois and Michigan Canal opens 1850 The population of Chicago… Continue reading A Timeline of Chicago

A Timeline of Edinburgh

By Tim Lambert 1100 A town grows up near a castle at Edinburgh 1128 David I founds Holyrood Abbey 1296 The English capture Edinburgh Castle 1300 Edinburgh is well known for making wool cloth. It is exported from Leith. 1322 The Scots recapture Edinburgh Castle 1329 Edinburgh is given a charter (a document granting the… Continue reading A Timeline of Edinburgh

A Timeline of Inverness

By Tim Lambert Early 12th Century King David makes Inverness a royal burgh Late 12th Century King William the Lion grants Inverness charters confirming the townspeople’s rights 1220 Inverness is a busy port. There are also many fishermen in the town. 1223 A Dominican friary is founded in Inverness 1411 The Lord of the Isles… Continue reading A Timeline of Inverness