A Timeline of Boston in Lincolnshire

By Tim Lambert

Early Boston

c. 1100 Boston grows into a small market town

1125 Boston has an annual fair

1250 Boston is one of England’s most important ports. Wool is exported and wine is imported.

1281 Boston is badly damaged by a fire

c. 1400 Boston begins to decline as the River Witham silts up and the wool industry moves to other parts of England

1545 Henry VIII grants Boston a charter and it becomes a borough

1552 Boston sends 2 MPs to parliament

1555 Boston Grammar School is founded

1603 Plague strikes Boston

1720s Daniel Defoe describes Boston as ‘large and populous’

1726 Fydell House is built

1766 The Grand Sluice opens

1774 Boston gains its first bank

1776 A body of men are formed to light the streets of Boston with oil lamps

Modern Boston

1801 Boston has a population of 5,926

1819 Maud Foster Mill is built

1825 Boston gains gas light

1845 A waterworks company is formed in Boston

1848 The railway reaches Boston

1884 New Docks are built down river of the town

1901 Boston has a population of 15,000

1910 The first cinema opens in Boston

1913 A new town bridge is built

1919 The council buys Central Park

1924 Boston gains electric light

1927 County Hall is built

1997 Sutterton Enterprise Centre is built

2011 Boston has a population of 59,000