A Timeline of Bridgwater

By Tim Lambert

1086 Bridgwater has a population of about 160

1200 King John gives Bridgwater a charter (a document giving the townspeople certain rights)

c. 1246 Greyfriars arrive in Bridgwater

1249 Bridgwater is allowed an annual fair. The main industry in Bridgwater is making wool but the town is also an important port.

1400 Bridgwater has a population of about 1,600

1468 Bridgwater is given a corporation and a mayor

1643 During the Civil War Bridgwater is captured by Royalists but Parliamentary soldiers recaptured it in 1645.

1685 The Duke of Monmouth leads a rebellion that fails. Afterward, 9 people are hung, drawn, and quartered in Bridgwater.

1694 Bridgwater gains a piped water supply

1779 A group of men is formed in Bridgwater with powers to light, pave, and clean the streets

1801 Bridgwater has a population of 6,600

1813 A theatre opens in Bridgwater

1816 Angel Crescent is built

1827 Bridgwater gains gas street lighting. The Bridgwater and Taunton Canal is built.

1841 The railway reaches Bridgwater

1860 An Art College opens

1883 A new town bridge is built

1901 The population of Bridgwater is almost 15,000

1906 A public library opens in Bridgwater

1926 The Admiral Blake Museum opens

1946 An arts centre is built

1964 A new fire station is built

1966 A new police station is built

1971 Bridgwater Docks close

1973 The M5 is built past Bridgwater

1986 Angel Place Shopping Centre opens