A Timeline of Bulgaria

By Tim Lambert

Early Bulgaria

400 BC The Thracians live in parts of Bulgaria

100 AD The Romans rule Bulgaria

395 Bulgaria becomes part of the Eastern Roman Empire when the empire splits in two

c. 500 The Slavs settle in Bulgaria

680 The Bulgars invade Bulgaria

813 The Bulgars besiege Constantinople

846 The Bulgars are converted to Christianity

971 The Byzantines capture eastern Bulgaria

1018 Bulgaria is absorbed into the Byzantine Empire

1185 Bulgaria rises in rebellion

1330 The Bulgars are defeated by the Serbs at the battle of Velbuzd

1396 The Turks conquer Bulgaria

1688 Some Bulgarians rise in rebellion against the Turks but they are defeated. Bulgaria remains under Turkish rule.

1876 The Bulgarians rise in rebellion again but they are crushed

1878 The Treaty of Berlin splits Bulgaria in two. The two parts are given limited autonomy.

Modern Bulgaria

1908 Bulgaria becomes completely independent and united

1918 Bulgaria surrenders after the First World War

1919 Bulgaria loses some of her territory

1923 Army officers in Bulgaria stage a coup

1931 Elections are held in Bulgaria

1934 Army officers stage another coup in Bulgaria

1938 Elections are held in Bulgaria again

1941 The king allows German troops to travel through Bulgaria

1944 The Russians occupy Bulgaria. Gradually a Communist regime is introduced.

1956 The Communist Party purges its own members

1981 Bulgaria launches its first satellite

1989 The Communist regime in Bulgaria collapses

2004 Bulgaria joins NATO

2007 Bulgaria joins the EU