A Timeline of Cambodia

By Tim Lambert

Early Cambodia

c 2,300 BC People in Cambodia begin farming. At first they use stone tools.

1,500 BC People in Cambodia begin using bronze tools

500 BC People in Cambodia begin using iron. The first civilisation arises in the Mekong River Delta.

c 600 AD All of Cambodia is highly civilized

802 AD Jayavarman founds the Khmer Empire

1203-1220 AD King Jayavarman VII forces the Chams from what is now Vietnam to submit to him.

1431 The Thais capture the Cambodian capital Angkor

1550 The power of Cambodia continues to decline

1594 The Thais capture the capital

1700 Cambodia is squeezed between two powerful neighbours Thailand and Vietnam

1772 The Thais destroy Phnom Phen

1833 The Thais invade Cambodia but soon retreat

1834 The Vietnamese assert control over Cambodia

1840-41 A rebellion takes place

1863 Cambodia becomes a French protectorate

1941 Cambodia is occupied by the Japanese

1945 The French take over Cambodia again

Modern Cambodia

1953 Cambodia becomes independent

1955 The first elections are held in Cambodia

1968 The Communists begin a civil war in Cambodia

1975 The Communists capture Phnom Penh. Pol Pot introduces a tyrannical regime.

1978 Vietnam invades Cambodia

1989 Vietnamese forces withdraw from Cambodia

1991 The Paris Peace Accords are signed

1993 Elections are held in Cambodia

1998 Pol Pot dies

1999 Cambodia joins ASEAN

2004 Norodom Sihamoni becomes king

2005 Oil is discovered off Cambodia