A Timeline of Cambridge

By Tim Lambert

875 The Danes create a fortified settlement at Cambridge. In the 10th century, Cambridge is captured by the English.

1010 The Danes burn Cambridge. However, it is soon rebuilt.

c. 1025 The Church of St Benet is built

1068 The Normans build a castle at Cambridge

1086 Cambridge has a population of about 2,000

c. 1107 The Round Church is built

1174 Cambridge is badly damaged by a fire

1207 Cambridge is given a charter (a document giving the townspeople certain rights)

1209 Cambridge University is founded

1250 Cambridge has a population of about 3,000

1385 Another fire damages Cambridge

1575 The streets of Cambridge are cleaned

1610 A conduit brings water into Cambridge

1630 Plague strikes Cambridge

1653 Stagecoaches begin running from Cambridge to London

1728 The population of Cambridge is 6,179. (By the standards of the time it is quite a large town).

1730 Senate House is built

1744 Cambridge gets its first newspaper

1747 Shire Hall is built

1749 The Mathematical Bridge is built

1766 Addenbrookes Hospital opens

1780 Cambridge gets its first bank

1788 A body of men called the Improvement Commissioners is formed to pave, clean and light the streets of Cambridge (with oil lamps)

1801 Cambridge has a population of 10,087

1823 Cambridge is lit by gas. Great Bridge is built.

1845 The railway reaches Cambridge

1855 Cambridge gets a piped water supply

1858 Fulbourn Mental Hospital is built

1880 Horse drawn trams begin running in Cambridge

1893 Electricity is first generated in Cambridge

1901 The population of Cambridge 38,000

1910 The first cinema opens

1936 The Folk Museum opens

1951 Cambridge is made a city

1967 Kettles Yard Gallery opens

1975 Lion Yard Shopping Centre opens

1983 The Grafton Centre opens