A Timeline of Chocolate

By Tim Lambert

1,500 BC The people of Central America begin to drink chocolate

1500 AD The Aztecs drink chocolate

1500s The Spanish bring chocolate to Spain. Later chocolate drinking spreads to other parts of Europe.

1657 A chocolate house opens in England where you can buy a drink of chocolate

1765 The first chocolate factory in America opens

1795 Steam engines are used to grind cocoa beans making chocolate cheaper

1847 The first chocolate bar is made

1849 The first box of chocolates is made

1875 Milk chocolate is invented

1899 Queen Victoria sends every one of her soldiers fighting in the Boer War a chocolate bar

1905 Dairy Milk is introduced

1908 Toblerone goes on sale

1910 Walnut Whip goes on sale

1915 Milk Tray goes on sale

1920 Flake goes on sale

1921 Fruit and Nut goes on sale

1923 Milky Way goes on sale in the USA

1929 Crunchie goes on sale

1930 Snickers and Freddo go on sale

1932 Mars Bar goes on sale. So does Terry’s Chocolate Orange and All Gold.

1933 Whole Nut goes on sale. So does Black Magic.

1935 Aero and Kit Kat are introduced

1936 Maltesers and Blue Riband go on sale. Dairy Box and Quality Street also go on sale.

1937 Smarties, Rolo and Milky Bar go on sale

1938 Cadbury’s Roses go on sale. Ruth Wakefield invents chocolate chip cookies

1951 Bounty goes on sale

1957 Munchies go on sale

1958 Picnic goes on sale

1959 Caramac goes on sale

1960 Galaxy goes on sale

1962 Topic goes on sale. After Eight goes on sale.

1963 Toffee Crisp goes on sale

1967 Twix goes on sale

1971 Yorkie, Double Decker and Lion Bar go on sale

1983 Wispa goes on sale