A Timeline of Croatia

By Tim Lambert

390 BC The Greeks found colonies along the coast of Croatia

229 BC The Romans begin to gain control of Croatia

12 AD The Romans are in control of all of Croatia

5th Century AD Roman rule in Croatia collapses in Croatia

8th Century Croats settle all over Croatia

9th Century Croatia is converted to Christianity. Towns and trade flourish.

1102 Croatia is united under a Hungarian king

1204 The Crusaders take Zadar

1205 The Crusaders take Dubrovnik and Istria

1382 Dubrovnik buys its independence

1493 The Ottomans defeat the Croatians at the battle of Kosovsko Polje

1526 The Ottomans win the battle of Mohacs. By the late 16th century they are in control of Croatia.

1716 The Turks are defeated at the battle of Petervaradino. Afterward, Croatia becomes part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire.

1847 The Croatian parliament abolishes feudalism. It also makes Croatian the official language.

1848 Revolution rocks the Austro-Hungarian Empire but it fails

October 1918 With the end of the First World War the Austro-Hungarian Empire breaks up. Croatia becomes independent.

1 December 1918 Croatia joins with the Serbs and Slovenes to form Yugoslavia

1941 The Germans invade Yugoslavia

1945 Croatia is liberated by partisans

1991 Croatia becomes independent

1992 The EU recognizes Croatian independence

2009 Croatia joins NATO