A Timeline of Drinks

By Tim Lambert

c. 3000 BC In the Middle East wine is a common drink. In Egypt beer is popular.

1200 AD Vines are grown in England. Mead and cider are also drunk but the most popular drink is ale (beer brewed without hops).

c. 1600 Beer replaces ale as the most common drink in England. Cider is also very popular.

1651 The first coffee house in England where people can drink coffee and chat opens in Oxford

1657 Tea is first sold in England

c. 1700 Gin drinking becomes very popular among the poor in England

1751 A duty is charged on gin ending the problem of many people drinking cheap gin

1759 Guinness is first brewed

1772 Fizzy drinks are invented

1789 Bourbon whiskey is first distilled

1839 Indian Tea is first sold in Britain

1842 Golden lager is invented

1858 Erasmus Bond patents tonic water

1866 Root beer is invented by Charles Elmer Hires

1873 Horlicks is invented

1880 Grand Marnier Liqueur is created

1884 Evaporated milk is patented by John Meyenberg

1885 Dr Pepper is invented

1886 Coca Cola is invented

1888 Paper drinking straws are invented by Marvin Stone

1889 The screw bottle top is invented by Dan Rylands. The modern coffee percolator is invented by Hanson Goodrich.

1900 Coca Cola is first sold in Britain

1901 Instant coffee is invented

1904 Ovaltine is invented. Iced Tea is popularised when it is sold at the St Louis World’s Fair.

1908 Vimto is invented. Melitta Bentz invents the coffee filter.

1924 Tizer goes on sale

1935 Canned beer is first sold

1940 Tea is rationed in Britain

1952 Tea rationing ends

1970 The rum ration in the British navy ends

1985 The widget for beer cans is invented

A cup of tea