A Timeline of Events at the Time of the Mary Rose

By Tim Lambert

1491 Henry VIII is born

1492 Columbus sails across the Atlantic

1495 Portsmouth Dockyard is founded

1498 The Portuguese reach India


Work begins on building the Mary Rose

Wallpaper is first printed in England

1510 The first Spanish settlers arrive in Jamaica


The Mary Rose is launched

The Portuguese reach Thailand

1513 The English win the battle of Flodden against the Scots. The Spanish land in Florida.

1514 The Portuguese reach China

1516 The Portuguese reach Vietnam


Martin Luther begins the Protestant Reformation

The Ottoman Turks conquer Egypt


Cortes conquers the Aztecs in Mexico

Ferdinand Magellan is killed in the Philippines

1522 The Ottoman Turks capture Belgrade

c 1525 Turkeys are first eaten in England. The symbol for square is invented.


In India Babur founds the Mughal Empire

The Turks defeat the Hungarians at the battle of Mohacs

1529 The Turks besiege Vienna but fail to capture it


The Portuguese settle in Brazil


Henry divorces Catherine of Aragon. He marries Anne Boleyn.

Pizarro conquers the Incas

In Russia 3 year old Ivan the Terrible inherits the throne


Henry VIII makes himself head of the Church of England

In Ecuador the city of Quito is founded

1535 In Peru the city of Lima is founded


The Pilgrimage of Grace. (An uprising in the North of England).

Anne Boleyn is beheaded

Henry marries Jane Seymour

An Act of Union unites Wales with England

1536-1540 Henry VIII closes the monasteries and confiscates their property

1537 Jane Seymour dies. Thomas Elyot invents the word encyclopedia.

1538 In Colombia the city of Bogota is founded


Henry marries Anne of Cleves but quickly divorces her

Henry marries Katherine Howard

The 1540s


The Irish parliament agrees to recognise Henry VIII as King of Ireland rather than Lord of Ireland

John Knox begins the Reformation in Scotland

The Turks conquer Hungary


The battle of Solway Moss. The English defeat the Scots.

Kathryn Howard is beheaded


Copernicus publishes his theory that the Earth orbits the Sun

Portuguese sailors reach Japan.

Henry marries Catherine Parr

Andreas Vesalius publishes The Fabric of the Human Body, which contains accurate diagrams of the human body

1544 Southsea Castle is built

1545 The Mary Rose sinks


Henry VIII dies

Ivan the Terrible takes power in Russia as he is now old enough to rule