A Timeline of Gloucester

By Tim Lambert

64 The Romans build a fort on the site of Gloucester

75 The Roman army moves on but the site of the fort is turned into a town for retired soldiers

407 The Roman army leaves Britain. Roman towns go into a steep decline.

577 The Saxons capture Gloucester

c. 680 The town of Gloucester revives

909 St Oswald’s remains are brought to Gloucester

915 Men from Gloucester defeat the Danes in battle

1085 William the Conqueror visits Gloucester

1155 The people of Gloucester are given a charter (a document granting them certain rights)

1200 Gloucester has a population of about 3,500. Gloucester is famous for its wool industry.

1223 A fire destroys part of Gloucester

1231 Franciscan friars (grey friars) arrive in Gloucester

1239 Dominican friars or black friars arrive in Gloucester

1275 All Jews are expelled from Gloucester

1327 Edward II is buried at Gloucester

1483 Richard III gives Gloucester a new charter. However, the town is in decline.

c. 1500 The Fleece Hotel is built

1540 A grammar school opens in Gloucester

1541 Gloucester is given a bishop and the Abbey Church is made a Cathedral

1555 The Bishop of Gloucester, John Hooper is burned to death for heresy

1565, 1573, 1577, 1580, 1593, 1637 Gloucester suffers outbreaks of plague

1643 During the Civil War the royalists lay siege to Gloucester but fail to capture it

1662 Charles II orders the destruction of the city’s walls

1680 Gloucester has a population of about 5,000

1761 An infirmary opens in Gloucester

1791 A prison is built on the site of Gloucester Castle. The wool industry has vanished.

1820 The streets of Gloucester are lit by gas. A pin-making industry in Gloucester flourishes.

1827 A ship canal is dug to Gloucester

1831 A dispensary where the poor can obtain free medicines opens

1840 The railway reaches Gloucester

1879 Horse drawn trams begin running in the streets of Gloucester

1849 Victoria Dock opens

1851 The population of Gloucester is 17,500

1862 A monument to Bishop Hooper is erected

1864 Addison’s Folly is built

1895 Smallpox kills 434 people in Gloucester

1900 The population of Gloucester is about 47,000. Gloucester gains an electricity supply.

1902A museum opens in Eastgate

1904 Horse-drawn trams are replaced by electric trams

1915 Aircraft manufacture begins in Gloucester

1923 Smallpox kills 3 people in Gloucester

1929 Trams are replaced by buses

1933 Gloucester Folk Museum opens

1936 A municipal airport opens

1973 Eastgate Shopping Centre opens

1979 A Museum of Beatrix Potter opens

1984 A Museum of Advertising and Packaging opens

1988 Part of the Docks opens as a heritage centre

2011 The population of Gloucester is 116,000