A Timeline of Salisbury

By Tim Lambert

Early Salisbury

522 The Saxons and the Celts fight a battle at Salisbury Hill

c. 1003 The Saxons start a settlement on Salisbury Hill

1069 The Saxons Normans build a fort nearby

1075 The Bishop moves his seat to the settlement

1217 The Bishop moves his seat to land south of the hill and he lays out a new settlement there.

1227 The new town of Salisbury is given a charter (a document granting the people certain rights).

c. 1244 A stone bridge is built over the Avon and the new town flourishes. The main industry in Salisbury is making wool.

1258 The main part of Salisbury Cathedral is finished

1334 The tower and spire are added to Salisbury Cathedral

c.1450 The Salisbury has a population of about 8,000 making it one of the largest towns in England.

1539 Henry VIII closes the friaries in Salisbury

1563 The plague strikes Salisbury

1600 The population of Salisbury has declined to about 7,000. During the 17th century, it declines further. The old wool industry gradually declines.

1604,1627 Plague strikes Salisbury again

1612 Salisbury is given a new charter

1644 During the Civil War Royalists capture Salisbury in October 1644. In December Parliamentary troops capture Salisbury.

1645 In January the Royalists capture Salisbury again

1655 During the reign of Oliver Cromwell a royalist uprising takes place centred on Salisbury

1701 Mompesson House is built. Salisbury has dwindled to being a market town.

1715 Salisbury gains its first newspaper

1723 There is an outbreak of smallpox in Salisbury

1737 A body of men is formed with powers to pave, clean, and light the streets of Salisbury

1752 There is another outbreak of smallpox in Salisbury

1774 An infirmary is built in Salisbury

1777 A theatre opens in Salisbury

Modern Salisbury

1801 Salisbury has a population of 7,668

1833 Salisbury gains gas light

1847 The railway reaches Salisbury

1849 Cholera kills 192 people in Salisbury

1860 Salisbury Museum is founded

1901 Salisbury has a population of 17,000

1908 A cinema opens in Salisbury

1968 Old George Mall opens in Salisbury

Old George Mall

1975 A new library opens in Salisbury

1976 A new swimming pool opens in Salisbury

1982 The Redcoats Museum opens

1986 The Maltings Shopping Centre opens

1998 Wilton Shopping Village opens

2001 The population of Salisbury is 39,000