A Timeline of Spain

Ancient Spain

900 BC The Phoenicians trade with Spain

227 BC The Carthaginians from North Africa found Cartagena

218 BC The Romans send an army to Spain and they gradually drive out the Carthaginians

197 BC The Romans divide the Iberian Peninsula into 2 areas, Hispania Citerior and Hispania Ulterior

171-73 AD People from North Africa raid Spain

409 AD Alans, Sueves, and Vandals invade Spain

456 The Visigoths conquer Spain

Medieval Spain

587 King Reccared becomes a Catholic

560-636 The great scholar Isidore of Seville lives

654 King Recceswinth makes a code of laws

711 The Moors invade Spain

10th-11th centuries The kingdoms of Aragon, Castile, and Navarre emerge

1085 The Castilians capture Toledo

1212The combined armies of Aragon, Castile and Navarre win a victory at Las Navas de Tolosa

1250 Only Granada is still in Muslim hands

1340 The Christians win the Battle of Salado

1343 The Aragonese capture the Balearic Islands

1348 The Black Death reaches Spain

1469 Ferdinand heir of Aragon marries Isabel heir of Castile

1492 Ferdinand and Isabel capture Granada. All Jews are ordered to convert to Christianity or leave.

Renaissance Spain

1516 Charles V becomes king of Spain

1580 Spain annexes Portugal

1587-1604 England fights Spain

1609 Moriscos (Muslims who had converted to Christianity) are expelled from Spain

1640 The Portuguese rebel against Spanish rule

1659 Spain is forced to cede territory to France

1704 The British capture Gibraltar

1708-11 Spain suffers poor harvests

1763-66 Spain has poor harvests again. Nevertheless, agriculture is expanding so is the population and trade, and commerce.

1767 The Jesuits are expelled from Spain

19th Century Spain

1808 Napoleon forces the Spanish king to abdicate and he makes his own brother king of Spain. The Spaniards refuse to accept him so the French send an army. The Spanish begin a guerrilla war.

1813 The French are driven out of Spain

1820 The Spanish rebel

1823 The French army restores Ferdinand to absolute power

1833-39 Civil War in Spain

1834 The Spanish Inquisition is finally abolished

1848 The first railway is built in Spain

1868 A rebellion takes place against Queen Isabella

1876 Spain gets a new constitution

1880-82 Famine in southern Spain

1892 All men are given the vote

1898 Spain loses a war with the USA

20th Century Spain

1909 Riots take place in Catalonia

1917 A General Strike is held in Spain

1923 General Primo de Rivera stages a coup

1930 de Riviera resigns

1931 Spain gains a new constitution

1933 An uprising takes place in Asturias

1936 In February the left wing wins an election

1936 In July the Spanish Civil War begins. On 1 October General Franco becomes the leader of the Nationalist army.

1937 The Nationalists capture Bilbao

1939 The Nationalists capture Barcelona and Madrid.

1953 Franco signs a treaty with the USA

1955 Spain joins the UN

1975 Franco dies

1977 Elections are held

1981 Army officers attempt a coup in Spain

1999 Spain joins the Euro