A Timeline of Sweets

By Tim Lambert

Early Sweets

People eat preserved fruits, jelly, and wafers

The Tudors eat sweet foods called sweetmeats, preserved fruit, gingerbread, sugared almonds, and jelly. They also eat marzipan.

18th Century Liquorice sweets are made. Turkish Delight is invented.

1817 The first recipe for potato crisps is published

1848 Chewing gum is first made commercially

c. 1850 Modern marshmallows are made

1869 Kendal Mint cake is invented

1875 Milk chocolate is invented

Modern Sweets

With the Industrial Revolution sweets are mass-produced although they are still expensive.

1897 Candy floss is invented

1899 Liquorice allsorts are invented

1905 Dairy Milk is introduced

c. 1908 The first lollypops are sold

1910 Walnut whip is introduced

1915 Milk Tray is introduced

1920 Flake is introduced

1921 Choc-ices go on sale in the USA. Fruit and Nut is introduced.

1922 Ice cream is sold in the street for the first time

1923 Milky Way is introduced in the USA

1929 Crunchie is introduced

1930 Snickers and Freddo are introduced

1932 Terry’s Chocolate Orange and All Gold are introduced. Mars bars are first made.

1933 Whole nut is introduced. So are lovehearts and Black Magic.

1935 Aero and Kit Kat are introduced. Milky Way is introduced in Britain.

1936 Maltesers and Blue Riband are introduced. Dairy Box and Quality Street are also introduced.

1937 Smarties and Rolo are introduced. Milky Bar is introduced.

1938 Cadburys Roses are introduced

1948 Polo mints are introduced

1951 Bounty is introduced

1957 Munchies are introduced

1958 Picnic is introduced

1959 Caramac is introduced

1960 Starburst is introduced. The first ready-salted crisps are sold. Galaxy goes on sale.

1962 After Eight Mints are introduced. Topic is introduced.

1963 Toffee Crisp is introduced

1965 Chewits are introduced

1967 Twix is introduced

1971 Curly Wurly is introduced

1974 Skittles are introduced

1976 Yorkie, Double Decker, and Lion Bar are introduced

1983 Wispa is introduced