A Timeline of Wales

By Tim Lambert

Ancient Wales

c. 4,000 BC Farming is introduced into Wales

c. 2,000 BC Bronze is introduced into Wales

c. 600 BC The Celts settle in Wales

c. 50 AD The Romans begin the conquest of Wales

78 AD The Romans conquer Anglesey

407 The Roman army leaves Britain. Afterwards Wales splits into separate kingdoms.

Medieval Wales

856 Rhodri Mawr defeats the Danes

1255 Llewellyn becomes king of Gwynedd

1267 Henry III of England makes the Treaty of Montgomery with Llewellyn

1277 Llewellyn is forced to submit to the English king Edward I

1282 The Welsh rebel

1283 The rebellion is crushed

1294 The Welsh rebel again

1295 The rebellion is crushed

1301 Edward makes his son, also called Edward, Prince of Wales

1400 Owain Glyndwr leads another rebellion

1413 The rebellion ends

1485 Henry Tudor lands at Milford Haven

1536 The Act of Union reforms Welsh government

1588 The Bible is translated into Welsh

1642 During the Civil War Wales supports the king

1647 Harlech Castle falls to parliamentary forces

c 1780 The Industrial Revolution begins to transform Wales

Modern Wales

1801 The population of Wales is under 600,000

1842-1844 The Rebecca Riots take place

1927 Unemployment in Wales reaches 27%

1976 The Welsh Development Agency is formed

1999 The Welsh Assembly opens

2011 the people of Wales vote that the Welsh Assembly should be allowed to pass laws without permission from Westminster