A Timeline of Walsall

By Tim Lambert

6th century The Saxons found a village at Walsall

1220 A weekly market begins in Walsall and it turns into a busy little town. Walsall also has annual fairs.

1339 Walsall is allowed 2 annual fairs. Walsall is a little town with a population of about 1,500.

1554 A grammar school opens in Walsall

1600 A metalworking industry in Walsall is flourishing

1650 The population of Walsall is about 2,000

1780 From this time onward Walsall is transformed by the Industrial Revolution

1779 A branch canal is built to Walsall

1801 The population of Walsall is 10,399 and it is growing rapidly. The iron industry in Walsall is booming.

1803 The first theatre in Walsall opens

1824 A body of men is formed with the power to pave, clean, and light the streets of Walsall

1826 Walsall gains gaslight

1847 The railway reaches Walsall

1849 Cholera strikes Walsall

1851 The population of Walsall is 20,852

1850s Sewers are dug in Walsall

1857 The first cemetery opens in Walsall

1863 A cottage hospital opens in Walsall

1872 Walsall is struck by smallpox

1874 The arboretum opens

1892 Electric trams run in Walsall. An art gallery and museum opens.

1895 Walsall gains electric light

1901 The population of Walsall is 86,000

1908 The first cinema in Walsall opens

1952 The War Memorial Gardens open

1969 Old Square Shopping Centre opens

1974 Walsall is made a metropolitan borough

1980 Saddlers Centre is first opened

1984 The Jerome K Jerome Museum opens

1988 Walsall leather Museum opens

2000 Crown Wharf Retail Park opens

2001 A new bus station opens