A Timeline of Women Artists

By Tim Lambert

There were many famous women artists from the Middle Ages to the present day. Here is a timeline of some of them.

Women Artists in the Middle Ages


In the Middle Ages books were often beautifully decorated. This art was called illumination. Ende was a famous illuminator.

Guda 12th century

Guda was a famous book illuminator

Herrad von Landsberg 12th century

She was also a famous book illustrator

Claricia 13th century

Claricia was another famous book illuminator

Women Artists in the Renaissance

Plautilla Nelli 1524-1588

Plautilla was a famous artist

Caterina van Hemessen 1528-c. 1587

She was an artist

Sofonisba Anguissola 1532-1625

She was an artist

Barbara Longhi 1552-1638

She was an artist

Lavinia Fontana 1552-1614

She was also an artist

Marietta Robusti 1560-1590

She was an artist

Diana Scultori 1547-1612

She was an engraver

Levina Teerlinc 1510-1576

She was a painter

Artemisia Gentileschi 1593-1653

She was a painter

Clara Peeters 1594–1657

She was a still-life painter

Judith Leyster 1609-1660

She was a painter

Li Yin c. 1610-1685

She was a famous Chinese artist

Mary Beale 1633-1699

She was a portrait painter

Maria Schalcken 1645–1699

She was a painter

Elisabetta Sirani 1638-1665

She was also a painter

18th Century Women Artists

Angelica Kauffman 1741-1807

She was a famous artist and one of the founders of the Royal Academy of Arts

Mary Moser 1744-1819

She was also a famous artist and also one of the founders of the Royal Academy of Arts

Elisabeth Louise Vigée Le Brun 1755-1842

She was a portrait painter

Marie-Gabrielle Capet 1761-1818

She was a painter

19th Century Women Artists

There were many women artists in the 19th century. Here are some of them.

Marie-Denise Villers 1774-1821

She was a portrait painter

Marie Ellenrieder 20 March 1791 – 5 June 1863

She was a painter

Mary Ellen Best 1809–1891

She was also a painter

Rosa Bonheur 1822-1899

She was famous for painting animals 

Eleanor Vere Boyle 1825-1916

She was an illustrator

Harriett Hosmer 1830-1908

She was a sculptor

Berthe Morisot 1841-1895

She was an impressionist

Helen Allingham 1844-1926

She was a watercolourist

Mary Stevenson Cassatt 1844–1926

She was a painter

Tina Blau 1845–1916

She was a landscape painter

Suzanne Valadon 1865-1880

She was also a painter

Amalia Kussner 1863-1932

She was a miniature portrait painter

20th Century Women Artists

There were so many female artists in the 20th century it is impossible to mention them all. Here are some of the most famous ones.

Hilma af Klint 1862-1944

She was an abstract painter

Uemura Shōen

She was a Japanese artist

Sonia Delaunay 1885-1979

She was a painter

Georgia O’Keeffe 1887-1986

She was a painter

Alma Thomas 1891-1978

She was another painter

Irma Stern 1894–1966

She was also a painter

Augusta Savage 1892-1962

She was a sculptor

Tamara de Lempicka 1898-1980

She was a painter

Barbara Hepworth 1903-1975

She was a sculptor

Frida Kahlo 1907-1954

She is known for her self portraits

Lee Krasner 1908–1984

She was an abstract expressionist painter

Louise Bourgeois 1911-2010 

She is famous for her sculptures

Agnes Martin 1912-2004

She was a painter

Grace Hartigan 1922-2008

She was an abstract expressionist painter

Helen Frankenthaler 1928-2011

She was also a painter

June Leaf 1929-

She is a painter

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