Hands up who likes football? Hands up who doesn’t? I’m talking about soccer, football as we know it here in the UK. It is a game played across the globe as proved by David Beckham when he played a game on every continent back in 2015, making history! In Europe football fans have been cheering their national teams in the Euro2020’s, taking place in 2021 (for the obvious reason and something that will matter in pub quizzes and history in years to come no doubt). Why has such a game endured for so long in so many places? I can’t resist a bit of research and it’s fascinating, the full article is here ( ). Enjoy the football, or enjoy whatever you do to avoid it, it’s history in the making whatever happens. Best regards, Tim#localhistories#history#makinghistory#ilovehistory#DavidBeckham#Euro2020#football

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