Slanic-Moldova Royal Casino, Romania: An Enchanting Beauty Is Now For Sale

Encompassing the ancient history of 130 years, the majestic is spread across a colossal 5200 sq metre land. The contemporary 4214 square metre building is standing tall waiting for a new owner to come and carry on its legacy.

Being one of the symbolising monuments in Romania, the new owner gets a golden opportunity to revamp the aesthetics of the casino without losing its historic value. Any real estate agency that deals with mystic and historic buildings can get its hands on this estate for 1,900,000 Euros.

The estate has been put for sale on several occasions but no one could afford the place. Last year, a real estate agency put the property on sale for 2,250,000 Euros, but now they are asking for the above-mentioned price.

The First Casino in Romania is also among the First Casinos in Europe

Being one of the oldest casinos in Romania, according to one article published in a Romanian casino games portal, Slanic Moldova Casino comes in the list of historical monuments at number BC-II-mA-00901 and falls under class A, a monument of national and universal historical value.

The casino was constructed under the reign of King Carol I (1881-1914) and was part of the development strategy of spas which was trending at that time. Under the plans of architects George Sterian and H. Rick, Italian stonemasons erected this grand casino between the years 1892 and 1894. However, the project was initiated by the architect Nicolae Ghica-Budești.

The Slănic Moldova Casino was built after Casino Di Venezia – Italy (1638), Spa Casino – Belgium (1763), Casino Wiesbaden-Germany (1771), Casino Baden-Baden – Germany (1824), and Casino of Monte Carlo – Monaco (1863) and was succeeded by Vatra Dornei Casino (1898), Constanța Casino (1910), Sinaia Casino (1912).

Casino of Arad (1882) and the Casino of Cluj (1897) also joined the group the enigmatic spas and casinos, in 1918. Both these properties came under the territories that were under the rule of Hungary, but after the Great Union of 1918, they came under Romania.

Slanic-Moldova Royal Casino: A mesmerising resort

The casino incorporates all the luxurious amenities that fall under the modern spa and casino genre and is all set to compete with the latest players in the modern world. The casino is furnished with a perfect blend of tradition and luxury. The solid oak and plush mention the rich historical value and improve the overall aesthetics of the casino. It encompasses a large dining room, a cafe, and a confectionery for food lovers to enjoy exquisite cuisine. Further, it includes a reading room, conversation and correspondence, pianos, entertainment games, and a room with two billiards brought from the famous Lassinte factory in Lion to keep the guests entertained. 

Besides this, the buyer will get his/her hands on a spectacular theatre room that is all set to cater to the needs of 500 guests. Ziarul Epoca mentioned that the theatre rivals the lași National Theatre Hall and is designed to be electrically lit like the whole building in his article about Slănic Moldova dated July 26, 1897.
In the first monograph of Slănic Moldova resort by Cleopatra Tautu, she described that the casino is like the heart of the resort. The life of the whole resort pulsates more in the morning and until late at night. It is an entertainment hub for visitors. Besides all this, the resort includes one of the best and largest restaurants in Slănic, a casino with a beautiful cinema room and piano, a concert hall, a library, and a cake shop. Guests can gamble and enjoy several games like chess, backgammon, billiards, blackjack, baccarat, and roulette. She writes that several people come to play their luck, spending hours in the resort and others just come out of sheer curiosity to enjoy the ambiance of the magical place.

War effects on Casino’s Recognition 

The Second World War led to the end of casino popularity. It had to be transferred to different locations. Just after a few years of the Second World War, Romania’s communist regime started to gain more footprints. This led to the disappearance of the casino’s glory and people shifted to other places. Royal Casino’s building has been housing the City Library as well as the House of Culture since 1946. 

The 1960s marked the era of casino development in which two terraces were developed for public service. Besides that, a boarding house, as well as a brasserie, was also incorporated in the original building. Post that, there was a wave of complete restoration from 1986 to 1989 to revive the old form. For that, many cultural events were also organised in the newly revamped theatre and cinema hall. The best part was that it had a total seating capacity of 420 seats.

Some Common FAQs

What is the location of Romania’s first Casino? 

The first Casino in Romania is situated in the resort of national interest, present in Slanic-Moldova in Bacau County. 

What is the name of the oldest casino in Romania?

Slanic-Moldova is the oldest and the first casino of Romania developed in 1894. It came into being as per the initiative of Nicolae Ghica-Budești. He hired architects George Sterian and H. Rick who developed their plans. 

What is the total number of old casinos in Romania?

There were a plethora of old casinos in Romania. The first one was constructed as part of the development strategy for the early XIX century regarding resorts in the Kingdom of Romania. King Carol I used to rule at that time. Their names include Slanic-Moldova in 1894, Vatra Dornei in 1898, Constanta in 1910, and Sinaia in 1912. The last three were imported resorts.  

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