The History of Good Luck Charms

Horseshoes, lucky rabbit’s foot, and the four-leaf clovers are all familiar to most of us. The number 8, lucky pennies, and cat’s eye amulets are also considered to bring good fortune. When relying on luck, some people have more unorthodox beliefs. Check out these unusual good-luck charms used throughout history.


What better way to take the concept of “getting fortunate” to new heights than to keep a Fascinus on hand? “What is that?” you might wonder. To put it politely, it’s a phallus (yeah, that) with wings in the ideal world. You can always count on the Romans to come up with something clever! At first, it was designed to fend against the “evil eye” but it could come in handy against your opponents in your next competition.


While we’re on the subject of Romans and their intriguing views about what brings luck, the Tintinnabulum is another of their allures. While it appears to be just a wind chime at first glance, a closer look reveals that the collection of bells surrounds a carving of yet another winged “what-d’you-call-it.” It is said to ward off evil spirits and provide luck, and if you hang one in plain sight, it’ll probably make for an entertaining conversation starter.

The Hangman’s Rope

While they may not have brought much luck to the condemned, some gamblers have regarded the hangman’s rope as a source of good luck since the days of public executions in the United States and Europe. They were thought to have extraordinary abilities and were even used by the sick to alleviate their ailments — tying a rope around the head was thought to keep fevers and headaches at bay. We think it’s a little too close to the throat… Who are we to pass judgement, though?

Crocodile Teeth

Have you ever wondered why some people keep tooth amulets on their bodies? Because of its strength, endurance, and ability to hold on to its food, the crocodile is regarded as a lucky creature in several African tribes. Of course, those tenacity attributes would come in handy if you were joining a poker event; however, we couldn’t say whether a tooth from a prehistoric beast would bring you good or ill luck.

Carp Scales

In Poland, carp is a traditional Christmas dinner, and it is said that keeping the scales in your wallet all year will bring you good luck and riches. Having a clump of fish scales in your pocket may bring you luck, but the odour may not be pleasant. On the plus side, no one else will notice the smell if you prefer to play at many casino sites available online!


The Fumsup is a sweet-faced doll with both hands raised in a thumbs-up motion, which is more quirky than odd. It’s usually fashioned of metal and has a wooden head, allowing the wearer to “touch wood” for good luck whenever they feel like it. It essentially mixes the concept of “giving a thumbs up” with the practice of touching wood to bring good luck. Some people have a four-leaf clover painted on their heads for added luck.

Rabbits Foot

Before we dismiss that poor old rabbit’s foot as a mere charm, we should remember that it’s a fairly horrific item to carry around in the first place, especially if it’s picked following North American legend. If you truly want that foot to be “lucky” when you play casino games, it should be the left hind foot of a rabbit captured in a graveyard during a full moon, preferably with a silver bullet. So there you have it.

The Jin Chan

The three-legged, red-eyed toad – also known as the Jin Chan in China – is thought to bring good luck and riches, which you’ll need whether playing online slots or casino table games. These obnoxious ornaments can also be found at the entryway of many companies and houses, where people want to bring good fortune through the door. And, well, why not if it works? After all, even toads have a beautiful heart!

The Red Bat

While many of us connect bats with witches, Halloween, and winged critters getting caught in our hair, this mysterious flying species is a symbol of good fortune in China. The five good luck, namely health, long life, love, riches, and virtue, are all associated with the red bat. Who wouldn’t want those on their side, whether they’re playing casino table games or just going through life?

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