By Tim Lambert

Early Tunisia

8,000 BC People in Tunisia live by hunting and gathering

5,000 BC People in Tunisia live by farming

1100 BC The Phoenicians settle and trade in Tunisia

c 480 BC The Phoenicians found Carthage in Tunisia

263-241 BC Carthage fights Rome

218-202 BC Carthage fights Rome again but is defeated

149-143 BC A third war ends with the destruction of Carthage. However the Romans build a new city of Carthage.

439 AD Carthage is captured by the Vandals

533 AD Carthage is captured by the Eastern Roman Empire (the Byzantine Empire)

698 The Arabs take Carthage

909 The Fatimids take power in Tunisia

921 The Fatimids found Mahida

1148 The Normans capture Mahida

1159 The Almohads capture Tunis

1574 The Ottoman Turks capture Tunisia

1655 The English bombard Porto Farina

1705 Hussain Ibn Ali begins the Hussainid dynasty

Modern Tunisia

1881 Tunisia becomes a French protectorate

1956 Tunisia becomes independent

1964 Oil is discovered in Tunisia

1987 Ben Ali becomes leader of Tunisia

2011 After demonstrations Ben Ali is forced to flee Tunisia

2014 A new constitution is adopted

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