A Timeline of Ecuador

By Tim Lambert

Early Ecuador

1526 The Spanish first sight the coast of Ecuador

1534 The Spanish conquer Ecuador. The Spanish found Quito.

1545 The bishopric of Quito is founded

1557 The Spanish found Cuenca

1717 Ecuador becomes part of the Viceroyalty of Nueva Granada

1820 The people of Ecuador rebel against Spain

1822 Ecuador wins its independence as part of the nation of Gran Colombia

1830 Ecuador withdraws from Gran Colombia

1851 Slavery is banned in Ecuador

1861 Gabriel Garcia Moreno becomes president of Ecuador

1875 Moreno is assassinated

1875 General Ignacio de Veintimilla becomes ruler of Ecuador

1884 Constitutional Government is restored in Ecuador

1895 An army coup brings Eloy Alfaro to power

Modern Ecuador

1925 Conservative officers overthrow the regime

1942 Ecuador is forced to surrender some of its territories to Peru

1963 A period of military rule begins in Ecuador

1967 Oil is discovered in Ecuador

1979 Democracy is restored in Ecuador

2006 Rafael Correa is elected president

2008 Ecuador adopts a new constitution