A Timeline of Argentina

By Tim Lambert

Early Argentina

1516 Juan de Solis reaches the River Plate

1526 Sebastian Cabot reaches the same area

1580 Buenos Aires is founded

1776 A Viceroy of the River Plate is founded with Buenos Aires as its capital

1806 The British capture Buenos Aires but soon withdraw

1810 The Viceroy is deposed and a junta takes control of Argentina

Independent Argentina

1816 Argentina becomes independent of Spain but at first, is united with Bolivia and Uruguay.

1825 Bolivia becomes independent of Argentina

1828 Uruguay becomes independent

1835 Rosas becomes dictator of Argentina

1852 A rebellion removes Rosas from power

1857 The first railway in Argentina is built

1880 The last indigenous people in Argentina are conquered

1900 Argentina is the richest country in South America. The population of Argentina is about 4 million.

1930 The army stages a coup and General Uriburu became president of Argentina

1943 The army stages another coup

1945 Argentina declares war on Germany

Modern Argentina

1946 Juan Peron becomes president of Argentina

1955 Peron is forced to flee abroad

1958 Arturo Frondizi is elected president of Argentina

1963 Arturo Illia becomes president of Argentina

1966 The military remove the president

1969 Rioting begins in Cordoba

1973 Peron becomes president of Argentina

1974 Isabel Peron becomes president

1976 The army stages a coup and a period of repression begins

1982 Argentina invades the Falklands but Britain quickly recaptures them

1983 The junta holds elections. Raul Alfonsin becomes president.

1989 Carlos Menem becomes president

2001-02 Argentina suffers a recession

2007 Cristina Kirchner becomes the first elected female president of Argentina