A Timeline of The Barbarians

By Tim Lambert

The Fall of Rome

406 An army of Germanic warriors cross the border into Gaul (modern France)

407 The last Roman soldiers leave Britain

409 Alans, Sueves, and Vandals march into Spain

410 Alaric the Goth captures Rome

429 The Vandals move to North Africa leaving Spain to the Sueves

c 450 onward Angles, Saxons, and Jutes gradually conquer England

455 The Vandals sack Rome

456 The Visigoths crush the Sueves in battle and take over Spain

476 The last Roman emperor is deposed. Odoacer becomes king of Italy.

The Rise of New Nations

481-511 Clovis rules the Franks in France

507 Clovis makes Paris his capital

540 The Byzantine Empire invades Italy

562 The Byzantines are in control of Italy

568 The Lombards invade northern Italy

654 In Spain the Visigoth king makes a code of law

711 A Muslim army advances from North Africa into Spain

732 Charles Martel halts the Islamic advance into Europe at the battle of Tours (also called the battle of Poitiers)

793 The Vikings raid Lindisfarne in England

800 The Pope crowns Charlemagne emperor

814 Charlemagne dies

843 The treaty of Verdun divides the Frankish Empire into 3 parts. The western part evolves into France.