A Timeline of Brisbane

By Tim Lambert

1823 John Oxley sails to the area and names the River Brisbane after the Governor of New South Wales

1824 A prison colony is founded north of the river

1825 The prison is moved to the site of modern Brisbane

1828 The Old Windmill is built

1842 The region is opened to free settlers

1846 Newstead House is built

1859 Queensland is made a state

1862 Old Government House is built

1865 Brisbane is lit by gas

1867 Bowen Park opens

1874 The Cathedral of St Stephen is dedicated

1876 Roma Street Railway Station opens

1885 Horse drawn trams run in the streets of Brisbane

1889 Customs House is built

1893 Brisbane suffers severe floods

1901 The population of Brisbane is about 130,000. Bubonic plague breaks out.

1909 The University of Queensland is founded

1911 The first students are admitted

1923 Brisbane Arcade opens

1926 Brisbane Airport opens

1927 Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary opens

1930 City Hall is built

1931 Brisbane suffers severe floods

1940 Story Bridge opens

1942 The Battle of Brisbane takes place

1958 St Andrews War Memorial Hospital is built

1969 Trams in Brisbane stop running

1971 Griffith University is founded. Queensland Maritime Museum is founded.

1973 Alma Park Zoo opens

1974 Brisbane suffers more floods

1976 Botanic Gardens opens

1978 Brisbane Planetarium opens

1982 Brisbane hosts the Commonwealth Games

1986 Riverside Centre is built. Gateway Bridge opens.

1988 Brisbane hosts the Expo. The Myer Centre is built.

1989 Waterfront Place is built

1995 Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre opens

2003 Brisbane Museum opens in City Hall

2005 Riparian Plaza is built

2006 The Aurora Tower is built. The Queensland Gallery of Modern Art opens.

2008 Brisbane Wheel opens

2011 Brisbane suffers more floods