A Timeline of Dublin

By Tim Lambert

Early Dublin

841 The Vikings found Dublin

1028 The first Bishop of Dublin is appointed. Dublin has a population of about 4,000.

1152 The bishop of Dublin is made an Archbishop

1190 Dublin is devastated by a fire

1224 A conduit is built to bring fresh water into Dublin

1229 Dublin gains a mayor. The population of Dublin has risen to around 8,000.

1305 Three watchmen are appointed to patrol Dublin at night

1537 Lord Fitzgerald leads a rebellion in Dublin

1579 Plague strikes Dublin

1591 Queen Elizabeth grants a charter for Trinity College

1604 Plague strikes Dublin again

1637 Dublin gains its first theater

1640 The population of Dublin is about 20,000

1650 Dublin is struck by plague again and up to half the population die

1662 Phoenix Park is laid out as deer park

1670 Thatched roofs are banned because of the risk of fire

1685 Dublin gains its first newspaper

1700 Dublin has a population of about 60,000

1701 Marsh’s Library is built

1711 Dublin gains a fire brigade

1720 St Ann’s Church is built

1722 College Park is laid out

1759 Guinness is first brewed

1762 Merrion Square is built

1773 A body of men is formed to pave, clean, and light the streets of Dublin

1776 Ranelagh Gardens opens

1779 Grand Canal opens

1790 O’Connell Bridge is built

1795 The Botanic Gardens are laid out

Modern Dublin

1800 The population of Dublin is about 180,000

1816 Ha’penny Bridge opens

1817 The Royal Canal opens

1825 St Mary’s Protestant Cathedral is built. Gas is used to light the streets of Dublin.

1830 Zoological Gardens open in Phoenix Park

1834 The Railway reaches Dublin

1845 The Catholic University opens

1864 The Botanic Gardens are laid out

1872 The National Gallery of Ireland opens

1890 The National Museum of Ireland opens

1892-1906 A network of sewers is built in Dublin

1912 Slum clearance begins in Dublin

1932 Butt Bridge is built

1934 The Old Dublin Society is formed

1941 The Germans bomb Dublin killing 28 people

1953 Dublin Civic Museum opens

1962 James Joyce Museum opens

1976 The Friends of Medieval Dublin are founded

1981 Powerscourt Shopping Centre opens

1985 A Jewish Museum opens

1990 A statue of James Joyce is erected

1991 The Dublin Writers Museum opens. The Irish Museum of Modern Art opens.

1993 Dublinia opens

1996 Jervis Street Shopping Centre opens

2000 Millenium Bridge is built

2003 The Spire is erected