A Timeline of Chile

By Tim Lambert

Early Chile

12,000 BC Human beings arrive in Chile

2,500 BC Farming begins in northern Chile

15th Century AD The Incas conquer northern Chile

1533 The Spanish conquer the Inca Empire

1540 Santiago is founded

1700 The population of Chile is about 100,000

1800 The population of Chile reaches about 500,000

1810 After the king of Spain is deposed the leading citizens of Chile elect a junta

1814 A Royalist army occupies Santiago

1817 The Royalists are defeated at Chabuco

1818 Chile becomes independent

1829 The Conservatives take power

1833 A new constitution is introduced in Chile

1873 Chile enters a recession

1879 Chile enters a war with Peru and Bolivia

1881 Chilean troops enter Lima the capital of Peru

1883 The war with Peru ends with the Treaty of Ancon

1884 The war with Bolivia ends

1890 Congress fights with the president of Chile

Modern Chile

1925 A new constitution is drawn up for Chile

1932 Arturo Alessandri becomes president again

1964 Eduardo Frei is elected president of Chile. He introduces reforms.

1970 The Socialist Salvador Allende is elected president of Chile

1973 The army led by Augusto Pinochet leads a coup. Pinochet introduces a repressive regime.

1980 Pinochet introduces a new constitution

1989 After elections Patricio Aylwin becomes president of Chile

2010 Sebastian Pinera is elected president