A Timeline of Finland

By Tim Lambert

7,000 BC The first humans arrive in Finland

2,500 BC People in Finland begin farming

1,500 BC People in Finland learn to use bronze

500 BC People in Finland learn to used iron

c. 1120 Christian missionaries arrive in Finland

1157 The Swedes launch a crusade against the Finns most of whom are still pagan

1249 The Swedes finally establish control of Finland

1323 Finland becomes a province of Sweden

1550 Helsinki is founded

1554-1557 Mikael Agricola is the leading figure in the Finnish Reformation

1581 Finland becomes a Grand Duchy

1596-97 The peasants in Finland rise in rebellion

1696-97 A severe famine grips Finland

1710 Plague strikes Helsinki

1713-1721 The Russians occupy Finland

1809 Finland becomes a Grand Duchy of Russia

1812 The capital of Finland is moved from Turku to Helsinki

1856 The Saimaa Canal is built

1858 The first Finnish speaking grammar school opens

1889 By now half the grammar schools in Finland speak only Finnish

1902 Finnish is made an official language

1907 All men in Finland are allowed to vote

1917 Finland becomes independent

1918 Civil War between Red and White Finns. The Communists are crushed.

1919 Finland gains a new constitution

1939 Russia invades Finland

1940 Finland surrenders and is forced to cede territory

1941 Finland joins the German invasion of Russia

1944 Finland surrenders

1947 A final peace treaty is made with Russia

1992 Finland makes a new treaty with Russia

1995 Finland joins the EU

1999 Finland joins the Euro