A Timeline of Norway

By Tim Lambert

7,000 BC The first human beings arrive in Norway

3,000 BC Farming begins in Norway

1,500 BC Bronze is first used in Norway

500 BC Iron is first used in Norway

200 AD A form of writing called runes is used in Norway

9th Century AD Vikings from Norway raid other parts of Europe

1015-1030 Olaf Haraldson rules Norway

1066 Harald Hardrada invades England but is defeated and killed

1217-1263 Haakon IV rules Norway

1266 Magnus the Lawmender sells the Hebrides and the Isle of Man to the Scottish king

1319 Norway is temporarily united with Sweden

1349-50 The Black Death devastates Norway

1355 Norway and Sweden split

1397 Norway is united with Denmark

1468 The Shetland Islands and the Orkneys are ceded to Scotland

1624 Oslo is destroyed by fire

1769 Norway has a population of 728,000. The largest town is Bergen with a population of 14,000.

1814 Denmark is forced to cede Norway to Sweden

1816 A Bank of Norway is founded

1884 The Swedish king is forced to make concessions to the Norwegian parliament

1898 All men are given the vote

1900 The population of Norway reaches 2,240,000

1905 Norway becomes independent from Sweden

1913 Women in Norway are allowed to vote

1915 A 10 hour day is introduced in Norway

1940 The Germans invade Norway

1945 The Germans surrender

1949 Norway joins NATO

1962 The first rocket is launched from Andoya Space Center

1972 Norwegians vote not to join the EU

1994 Norwegians again reject the idea of joining the EU

2012 The population of Norway reaches 5 million