A Timeline of Portugal

By Tim Lambert

30,000 BC Stone Age hunters live in Portugal

5,000 BC Farming is introduced to Portugal

2,000 BC Bronze is introduced into Portugal

700 BC Celts enter Portugal bringing iron with them. Meanwhile, the Phoenicians trade with Portugal.

600 BC The Greeks trade with Portugal

210 BC The Romans invade the Iberian Peninsula

409 AD Roman rule collapses and Germanic people invade the Iberian Peninsula

585 AD A people called the Visigoths conquer Portugal

711 Moors invade the Iberian Peninsula. They conquer southern Portugal.

c 1050 A Visigoth state grows in northern Portugal

1147 The people of northern Portugal capture Lisbon

1179 Portugal is recognized as a kingdom by Papal diplomats

1211 The first Cortes of parliament meets

1290 The first University in Portugal is founded

1348 The Black Death reaches Portugal

1386 Portugal makes an alliance with England

1415 The Portuguese capture Ceuta in Morocco

1427 The Portuguese discover the Azores

1488 Bartolomeu Dias sails around the Cape of Good Hope

1498 Vasco da Gama reaches India

1510 The Portuguese take Goa in India

1531 The Inquisition is introduced into Portugal

1580 Spain annexes Portugal

1640 Portugal becomes independent

1703 Portugal signed a trade treaty, the Methuen Treaty with England

1750 The Marques de Pombal became the king’s chief minister

1755 Lisbon is devastated by an earthquake

1807 The French invade Portugal

1811 The French are driven out of Portugal

1820 A revolution takes place in Portugal

1828 Miguel becomes king of Portugal. He rules as an absolute monarch.

1834 After a rebellion Pedro becomes king

1838 A new constitution is introduced in Portugal

1846-47 Civil War in Portugal

1910 A revolution takes place in Portugal

1932 Salazar becomes prime minister (and dictator) of Portugal

1968 Salazar resigns

1974 After the Carnation Revolution democracy is restored

1986 Portugal joins the EU

1999 Portugal joins the Euro

2006 Anibal Cavaco Silva becomes president of Portugal