A Timeline of Houses

Ancient Houses 20,000 BC People live in caves or in tents made of mammoth skins 6,000 BC People in Catal Huyuk in Turkey live in houses made of mud brick. Walls are plastered and sometimes painted. 2,000 BC Rich people in Iraq live two story houses arranged around a courtyard. Poor people live in one… Continue reading A Timeline of Houses

A Timeline of Horsham

By Tim Lambert Early Horsham 1086 Horsham is a large village 13th Century Horsham grows into a little town with 2 weekly markets and an annual fair 1532 A grammar school is founded in Horsham 1560 Plague strikes Horsham 1574 Plague strikes Horsham again 1673 Horsham is described as a large borough town 1755 A… Continue reading A Timeline of Horsham

A Timeline of Luton

By Tim Lambert Early Luton 6th Century The Saxons conquer Bedfordshire 10th Century Luton has grown into a busy little town 1139-1154 A castle exists in Luton. It gives Castle Street its name. 1336 Luton is badly damaged by a fire 1645 A skirmish takes place in Luton during the Civil War 18th Century A… Continue reading A Timeline of Luton

A Timeline of Kingston

By Tim Lambert Early Kingston 850 Kingston is a Saxon village with royal connections 900 Edward the Elder is crowned in Kingston 925 Athelstan is crowned in Kingston 940 Edmund is crowned in Kingston 946 Edred is crowned in Kingston 955 Edward is crowned in Kingston 971 Edward the Martyr is crowned in Kingston 1066… Continue reading A Timeline of Kingston

A Timeline of St Albans

By Tim Lambert The Roman Town 20 BC The local Celtic tribe build their capital at St Albans 43 AD The Romans invade Britain. Later they take over the Celtic settlement at St Albans. 61 AD Boudica burns St Albans. After her rebellion is crushed the town is rebuilt. 304 St Alban, the first British… Continue reading A Timeline of St Albans

A Timeline of Reading

By Tim Lambert Early Reading 871 The Danes capture the settlement at Reading 1006 The Danes burn Reading 1086 Reading has a population of about 600 1125 Henry I builds Reading Abbey 1320 Reading has a population of around 1,300 1500 Making cloth is the main industry in Reading 1539 Henry VIII closes Reading Abbey… Continue reading A Timeline of Reading

A Timeline of Latvia

By Tim Lambert 9000 BC Hunter-gatherers live in Latvia 2000 BC The ancestors of modern Latvians arrive 1201 AD German crusaders arrive in Latvia. They found Riga. 1282 Riga joins the Hanseatic League 1365 Valmiera joins the Hanseatic League 1521 The Reformation reaches Latvia 1558 The Russians invade Latvia 1561 The Poles take Southeast Latvia… Continue reading A Timeline of Latvia

A Timeline of Poland

By Tim Lambert 966 The ruler of Poland becomes a Christian and his people follow 1201-1238 Henry the Bearded rules Poland. His wife encourages German merchants and craftsmen to come and live in Poland 1241-42 The Mongols invade Poland but soon withdraw 1308 The Teutonic Knights take Pomerania including Gdansk 1333-70 Under Kazimierz the Great… Continue reading A Timeline of Poland

A Timeline of Hungary

By Tim Lambert Early Hungary 5,000 BC Farming is introduced into Hungary 2,000 BC Bronze is introduced into Hungary 800 BC Iron is introduced into Hungary 9 AD The Romans create the province of Pannonia in western Hungary Early 2nd Century The Romans conquer eastern Hungary. They call it Dacia. 271 The Romans abandon Dacia… Continue reading A Timeline of Hungary